Virgo Horoscope


Virgo Horoscope

Sign of: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Variable sign, feminine
Characteristic verb: to analyze
Lucky day: Wednesday
Favorable figures: 5, 8, 9
Lucky stone: topaz

Virgo looks at everything. He is a person attentive to details. Nothing escapes his vigilance. In addition, it gathers all kinds of details in memory and keeps them in mind forever.

He has a natural inclination to analyze everything around – who he was, how he was dressed, what he talked about and where he went.

The natives of this sign always strive to reach optimal well-being, both physically and spiritually.

We all do something to get the sense of meaning in life. Some want wealth, others – victory, others – prestige, but the driving force of the native of Virgo is the acquisition of personal satisfaction by making it useful.

The qualities of the native of Virgo

  • -attention paid to health and hygiene
  • the tendency towards perfection (everything should be in its place and divided into categories);
  • intelligence
  • the desire to help and to be useful
Keywords for Virgo

analysis, criticism, cleanliness, order, calculation, accuracy, memory, frigidity, chastity, anger, reservation
The natives of Virgo are realistic and tend to see others exactly as they are.

They like to sort and order, gathering together different things as in a puzzle, trying to combine them.

The defining characteristics of the Virgin are analytical thinking and critical sense.

The native of Virgo has a great capacity to harmonize his thinking, body and spirit, creating a perfect balance.

They have an innate talent for helping others and helping others.

The Virgos are very demanding, they can be the harshest critics of their own people.

As a sign of land, they place a high value on safety and prefer not to take risks, often falling into the trap of remaining stuck and self-limited.

The obsession with doing things in a specific way causes them to often get bogged down in details.

Love and Sex in the Virgo

Being a landmark, Virgo is passionate and sensual, but she masks these traits because of a strong sense of modesty, timidity and extremely rational character.

In order to give his love, he needs a strong intellectual understanding and trust in the seriousness of his intentions and stability.

Many times he prefers to live alone, because it seems easier. There are fewer complications and it can respect its already established program.

The health
The sign influences the nervous system and intestines. That is why they are particularly sensitive to diet and hygiene.

Virgo is the sign characterized by the greatest care for health. Follows a healthy diet and scrupulously respects all hygiene rules.

She likes to be compassionate, making physical suffering a trophy. It is a cerebral zodiac and it is possible that depression also has repercussions on the physical body. You may suffer from neuroses, insomnia or asthenia.

Psychic disorders can occur due to insecurity and inhibition of feelings. Permanently disrupting startups can lead to hormonal disorders, especially the thyroid and sexual glands.

Virgo in the role of parents

The parent from Virgo establishes a clear schedule for his children, is punctual, sets the meal at fixed times and sets the bedtime precisely.

Also, the parent born in this sign is attentive to hygiene and health problems.

He must be careful not to be too critical of the little ones. The constant advice can make it clear to the child that everything he does is wrong.

The native child in Virgo

The child has a calm, calm character and will not cause much concern to parents. He is shy, reserved, prudent and tends to isolate and hide even from his parents.

He has an innate sense of duty and knows how to distinguish between what should and should not be done.

The little one should never be forced or treated with brutality; it would immediately close in him, adopting a defensive position.

A gentle authority from the parents, combined with arguments and a convincing attitude will open his heart.

They like routine. At school he demonstrates seriousness, ambition, involvement and tenacity. He is a child with a bright and penetrating mind. Learn very quickly.


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