Taurus Horoscope


Taurus Horoscope

Taurus has a strong need for stability, material and emotional security, which play a fundamental role in their well-being. They value simplicity and fundamental facts.

The Taurus native is very loyal and always ready to listen and help his weaker friend, but he will not forgive the one who betrays his confidence or lies. When he finds his true purpose, or something to spend his energy and talents on, his creativity knows no bounds.

What he likes: the good things in life, the beauty of nature, antiques, music, money.

Usually, Tauriians go through life at a slow but safe pace. When they become obsessed with the object of their desire, it is very difficult to prevent them from obtaining it.

Bulls are patient and have an instinct that tells them that every thing happens in its time. Life is very simple for a Taurus native, only in black and white, with no gray hues.

His gentle, calm demeanor is largely due to the fact that he always represses certain feelings. The reason is that it can unleash the most destructive and savage anger! Fortunately, the Taurus is very angry an ordinary native is infuriated once or twice in his life.

Any kind of change arouses their disapproval and hostility.

Love and Sex of Taurus

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus is voluptuous, sensual and eager to savor the pleasures of life. This sign is the most tactile sign of the zodiac. He likes to be handled and spoiled.

He is constant in his feelings and when he finds the right person, he knows how to build a lasting relationship. It is characterized by tenderness and dedication.

Regardless of gender or inclination, you will always be attracted to the archetype of the opposite sex. If she is looking for a partner, she must be very feminine.

Massages, hugs and handles are essential for a Taurus. He doesn’t need sweet words or love tickets.

The Health

The bull has an enviable physical strength. It resists stress much better than the other natives of the zodiac.

However, when he becomes ill, the convalescence is quite long, because the dominant trait of the zodiac is slow.

The bull is associated with the vocal cords and neck area, so it can be prone to mild illnesses and inflammations of these parts of the body.

Let us not forget that the Taurus is a gourmet and often eats over size. Maybe not ruin a little sport.

Taurus in the role of Father

Taurus are the best parents due to the pragmatism typical of the zodiac. They know that the little ones need three meals a day, that they need clean clothes and a horse bed to rest. It is very simple!

Every Taurus parent knows that these are the things that matter most. This approach to raising children makes the child feel safe in his world.

The bulls appreciate the family and the house and always keep a close connection with their children.

The child
The Taurus child has a very intense relationship with parents and the values it acquires in childhood will play a fundamental role in its existence. The tactile sense is essential for Taurus, and the little ones need a lot of hugs, twists and strings.

Taurus children discover the world by touching, tasting and experiencing through direct interaction.

The little Taurus will show his affectionate and kind nature from an early age. He is sensitive and seeks emotional calm. He is very stubborn and does not forget anything; consequently the severity and the corrections do not help anything. He is a rebellious child. You can get along with him, but you must convey his messages clearly.


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