Scorpio Horoscope


Scorpio Horoscope

Sign of: Water
Planet: Pluto
Fixed sign, feminine
Characteristic verb: to wish
Lucky day: Saturday
Favorable figures: 3, 5, 8
Lucky stone: the smoky quartz

Scorpio has a permanent and unfulfilled desire for power. They are everyday heroes renowned for their bravery and courage. It’s the sign of extremes!

When a Scorpio really wants something, it will go up to the white cloths.

Despite its tough exterior appearance, Scorpio is sensitive and generous. He will make sacrifices for a great cause.

Keywords for a Scorpio

  • beauty, harmony, desire, love, mystery, unknown, rebirth, instinct, intuition
    The natives of the Scorpio zodiac commit themselves to total or not life. They can be passionate to the extreme with unparalleled intensity.

They are reserved people and I keep everything in them.

Scorpions characterized by magnetism and charisma due, in large part, to fixed, enigmatic eyes.

The determination and extraordinary energy helps them succeed where others fail. I have incredible will, perseverance and patience, emotionally involved in everything I do.

To hide their vulnerability, some natives use their famous needle to hurt anyone who seems to be threatening them.

They have a deep fear of losing control, which causes them to try to dominate everything around. It is difficult for them to relinquish control of themselves and those around them.

They can become obsessed with sex and power. They can be possessive and suspicious and take a long time to learn to trust.

Love and Sex

Scorpio described as the most erotic sign of the zodiac. He hates routine and tranquility; search with passion and ecstasy, the overwhelming connections. Love is very important to the Scorpio native, and his ability to love, when he meets the right person, is overwhelming.

The scorpion makes a clear distinction between sex and love: he does not have problems when he has adventures, but things get complicated if the feelings come.

The health
Scorpio has a healthy constitution, but it neglected and sometimes abused. Activity and action are essential for the Scorpio native, so he can hardly bear the disease.

He is a person with a volcanic, unpolished, ambitious and vindictive temperament; these things throw him in the grip of cardio-vascular disorders, but they also predispose to hepato-biliary problems.

The disordered and excessive lifestyle can lead to genital-urinary or herniated diseases. Scorpio is prone to neurosis and insomnia, but also to disorders of the lower trunk, disorders of the large intestine, constipation, prostate disease or genital problems.

As a Parent

They love their children very much and wants everything that is best for them.

Scorpions like rules and guidelines. In other words, living in the same house with Father Scorpio is, to some extent, as if you were in the army.

The child
Little Scorpio has a strong personality and is in a constant search for stimulating situations and relationships. It has a complex, contradictory, nonconformist nature and does not support any authority.

He likes the challenges, which is used to study the reactions of others and to exercise their power over them.

Threats and punishments have no effect; on the contrary, they arouse their spirit of revolt; neither does gentleness work, because this child rejects such approaches or exploits them to their advantage.

Scorpio’s intelligence is precocious and brilliant, but sometimes inconsistent. At school he has all the data to reach an eminent student, but his performance will depend to a large extent on the interest of his study subjects.

He is very proud, therefore, in order to stimulate him, it is good to satisfy his own love; he hates more than anything in second place.


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