Sagittarius Horoscope


Sagittarius Horoscope

Sign of: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Variable sign, masculine
Characteristic verb: to understand
Lucky day: Thursday
Favorable figures: 3, 9
Lucky stone: amethyst

Sagittarius’s attitude to life is: work hard, spend hard.
It is the biggest walking sign in the zodiac.

It is like a little winded buzzard, always in search of adventure and knowledge.

Sagittarius is the ideal companion for travel, trips and sports activities. He does everything in great style. Love the money and look for new ways to get rich.

He deeply values the truth and does not doubt that it is the most direct sign of the zodiac. He does not want to offend, but has a style of saying green in front of what he thinks, which unites the right shocker.

In principle, the natives of this sign are optimistic beings. Sagittarius are the positive thinkers of the zodiac.

Through their wild nature they tend to express their love of freedom and refusal to comply with social conventions.

Keywords for a Sagittarius

  • sincerity, travel, religion, law, faith, optimism, hunting, compassion

Sagittarius love travel because they broaden their horizons. For them, life is an adventure.

They are extremely intuitive and can easily detect new possibilities as they arise.

They are bold, brave and sincere, their purpose being to reach the truth. Sagittarius always do things on a large scale.

This spiritual sign has the reputation of being inconsistent. They often try to avoid responsibilities for fear of not limiting their freedom.

They are impulsive and daring, preferring to try their luck, even if it is risky.

Their optimism can make them take on tasks that they cannot honor.

Routine kills them and can become destructive if they feel trapped or get stuck.

Love and Sex

Passionate and enthusiastic in nature, Sagittarius will often fall victim to flashing love at first sight. But when one truly falls in love, one changes radically: one becomes the most caring of lovers and the most tender of partners; loves family and children and will be a partner and a model parent.

The health
Although a sign of fire, Sagittarius is the most accomplished native of the zodiac. For Sagittarius, being sick in bed is a real nightmare.

The most sensitive areas are: the legs, liver, pelvis and throat. Liver dysfunctions can lead to nerve disorders and neurasthenia.

Sagittarius in the role of Parent

Sagittarius parent has an optimistic attitude towards life. This means that there is a high probability that the atmosphere in the house will be positive and cheerful. It will focus on education in raising children.

Sagittarius child

Little Sagittarius is cheerful and spontaneous, easily establishing relationships with others. It is the kind of child who tells everything that goes through his mind, demonstrating an honestly disarming sincerity.

The Sagittarius child is an enthusiast who replaces himself with energy and optimism, but also with superficiality and ingenuity, in any new activity. It is generally hyperactive, cheerful and very energetic.

The little boy needs little but firm rules: he develops from a very early age a certain security in his own means and a desire for independence, learning from an early age to handle himself.

You must keep an eye on the little Sagittarius, who is always looking for adventures.


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