Pisces Horoscope


Pisces Horoscope

Sign of: Water
Planet: Neptune
Variable sign, feminine
Characteristic verb: to believe
Lucky day: Thursday, Friday
Favorable figures: 5, 7, 8
Lucky stone: aquamarine

The natives can either keep to themselves, connecting to the spiritual side of their nature, or they can sacrifice and become martyrs or victims.

They are extremely sensitive. They show compassion towards others, they are attentive, kind, gentle and caring. The impulse of Pisces is to save the world.

Fish have a vivid imagination and live in a dream world. They are creative, unprintable, exotic and charming.

All the natives of this sign feel the need to retire occasionally and spend time in solitude. They need regular periods of solitude to restore their strength.

As with the other water signs, the natives have a strong intuition.

Those born in the zodiac sign can easily be influenced by others. He must choose his friends with great care.

Pisces natives yearn for something magical and transcendent to make their life take on color, often finding refuge in fantasy and fantasy.

Pisces sometimes have a tendency to overdo things and need to learn how to discern, choose and limit themselves.

Keywords for Pisces:

  • faith, reverence, illusion, imagination, non-passing, deduction, dualism, intuition, sacrifice, compassion

Their merciful nature is often taken advantage of because they can be easily manipulated with a tear story.

Love and Sex

Pisces are incurably romantic and tend to put their partners on high pedestals. He will never forget his beloved’s birthday, or his birthday.

The fish are extremely thoughtful, spoiling their partners with gifts, bed breakfast and many other romantic attentions.

When they fall in love, Pisces turns everything into a fantasy and I think it can become a reality.

The health
The native of the Pisces zodiac has a delicate construction and a vulnerable psychic from which all health problems start. The native fish is sensitive to everything that surrounds it and can be “poisoned” with ease from everything: climate, affective environment, emotional shock.

Neglect of the diet, disordered meals at late hours can cause digestive disorders. The indifference and lack of will specific to the Pisces natives can lead to sedentarism and obesity.

Fish tend to neglect their health, leave themselves to the vices and react poorly to treatments.

Fish as Parent

Those born in Pisces are wonderful parents, because they are gentle, understanding and have a lot of empathy. They are aware of the suffering and fears of their children.

It offers its children a lot of things: lessons, life models, opportunities to learn and develop.

Parents Pisces can be too lenient and too gentle when it comes to imposing rules.

He is a very forgiving and tolerant parent, and the children are grateful for this.

The child from Pisces

The little native of Pisces likes to dream and transfigure the reality. I live in a dream world, have a rich imagination and can dream for hours with my eyes open. Don’t encourage him too much in this regard!

Encourage him to try new things and discover the world. Leave the harsh attitude aside, use only gentleness. But you should not overdo it and become hyperprotective.


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