Libra Horoscope


Libra Horoscope

Sign of: air
Planet: Venus
Cardinal sign, masculine
Characteristic verb: to balance
Lucky day: Friday
Favorable figures: 6, 9
Lucky stone: opal

It is influenced by the appearance of all things around. What he perceives through the sight affects his vitality, health and happiness.

  • It has a habit of delaying important decisions because:
  • is afraid of not making a wrong decision
  • does not like to upset others
  • intelligence makes him see more parameters in any situation

Libra essentially a social sign – a sign that people love. Libraries strongly believe that everyone must have an honest fair.

Keywords for Libra

beauty, harmony, balance, peace, comfort, peace, sensuality, justice, diplomacy, art, intelligence
It a sign of air and as a result, it has principles and ideas. He has an ideal vision of the perfect relationship and the image of a perfect and harmonious world.

The symbol of this sign is related to the concept of justice and fairplay, but their idealism too often collides with an imperfect world.

The native of Libra oscillates between the desire to please himself and to please the others. They always take into account the wishes of others, but do not hesitate to use their personal charm to manipulate them.

The natives of this sign are good diplomats and they can prove wonderful intermediaries as they see both sides of the situation.

Libra have a deep appreciation for beauty, art and culture.

The desire to maintain harmony can cause the native Libra not to express his feelings sincerely – especially the negative ones.

The predilection of natives to follow their own path often conflicts with their desire to make peace. Such contradictions can paralyze them, preventing them from making decisions.

Sometimes it is difficult to break away from a toxic relationship precisely because they instinctively reject the breaks.

Love and Sex at Libra

The natives of Libra want more of a beautiful relationship of camaraderie with their life partner. He likes to live with someone.

It is not a passionate thread in the classical sense, sex never becomes an obsession and does not like the adventures of a night. Conquest is a game in which beauty and good taste play the main role.

Within the erotic life, you will want to materialize refined experiences and long preludes, which create an intense and exciting atmosphere.

He will choose a good restaurant, a sumptuous hotel or invite his partner home, in an atmosphere of discreet light, scented candles, jazz and fluffy pillows. The champagne and strawberries drawn by chocolate thunder on a silver tray.

Every detail must be impeccable – the glasses, the plates, the floral arrangement, the discreet light and the romantic music. Libra simply loves this kind of detail!

Libra make erotic act a true art. He is the most attentive, caring and generous lover and knows how to do the pleasure of the loved one.

The health
When he is ill, the native of the Libra zodiac is even slower in reactions and more indecisive than usual. The disease decomposes and disarms him. However, it has a high resistance to disease.

Libra is sedentary, and this makes it prone to fattening. With a precarious balance, it can easily reach from exaltation to deep depression.

Libra in the role of Parent

Libra is one of the best parents in the whole zodiac! She loves to have fun, they like to play with the children and take them in peace of fun and to treat them with kindness.

Balance parents are quite lenient towards their children. They will make great sacrifices just to give them beautiful things.

Because I want a calm atmosphere in the family, they are rarely too harsh or demanding.

Baby Balance

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and harmony, the little boy from Libra has shown his affectionate, pleasant and sociable nature.

Ever since he was little, he hates being left alone and is quiet only when he hears people talking around him.

He is a quiet and kind, polite and respectful child.

He needs to be guided and educated with gentleness and calm, but also with a certain firmness, which will help him overcome his natural tendency towards laziness and insecurity.

The little one does not fit his prolonged efforts and needs frequent breaks to recharge his batteries.
Its level of vitality, development and self-reliance is highly dependent on the environment.

He is endowed with intelligence and sensitivity and can achieve very good school results, without making great efforts. Its smoothness and lack of continuity could be obstacles, leading to oscillating results.


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