Leo Horoscope


Leo Horoscope

Sign of: Fire
Planet: The sun
Fixed sign, masculine
Characteristic verb: to want
Lucky day: Sunday
Favorable numbers: 1, 5, 9
Lucky stone: the amber

What does a lion like:
movies, compliments, theater, sports, games, to offer help, to be spoiled
Main features of the lion zodiac :

  • – creativitate
  • – stralucire si generozitate
  • – nevoia de a fi apreciat

Keywords for Leo :

trust, strength, dignity, brilliance, love, safety, pride, pride, generosity
Pride, dignity and courage are defining characteristics of the native Leo. Lions are idealistic, romantic, lush and possess a strong creative and artistic feel.

The native of the lion possessed excellent organizational skills.

Those born in this sign like to be generous precisely because they can thus be in the center of attention.

Lions tend to dictate not only about their own lives and destinies, but also about those close to them.

Lions feel a strong need for social recognition, they like to be admired and impress others with their talents and abilities.

Their favorite place is the center of the stage and it is hard for them to realize that they are not the center of the universe.

Love and Sex at Lion

The lion is a sign of fire, so it “lights up” very easily.

The love of those born under this sign knows no bounds – just like any of their desires.

Lions are truly romantic and it’s hard not to love them. Their affection is intense and warm. Once he has fallen in love, Leo becomes a passionate lover, who knows how to surround the lover with thousands of attentions and tender gestures.

He can be possessive and jealous and wants demonstrations of partner’s love.

The health
The native of the lion has a healthy and active body, with a great power of regeneration and recovery.

The lion native cares little for his health, being too preoccupied to live his life fully and to make all his plans.

Lion does not stop working, only when the disease has settled, and does not heed the advice of the doctor, only when the pain becomes unbearable.

The lion can be sensitive to moisture and precipitation. It is prone to arrhythmias, tachycardia and rheumatic pain.

The Lion in the role of Parent

Lions are extraordinary parents. In part, and because Leo governs the sign of childhood.

Lions want to have the best trained children. They will pay for piano, guitar, acting lessons and will take their children to the theater, shows or film.

It may not be the most practical parent, but it has the chance to be the most fun title!

Leo’s baby

As a child, Leo loves theatrical gestures and behaves like a real star. He wants to always be in the center of attention and will often do mildew to arouse the interest of his parents.

Little Leo is impulsive, impulsive, full of life with a remarkable energy that he abuses quite often.

He is a fast learner, thanks to his vivid imagination and good memory.

Leo’s child needs little but firm guidance. He should not feel the teaching as an obligation, because, in this case, he would lose his desire and interest; he must have the feeling that he is the one who chooses what he wants to do.


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