Kazakh Artist Dimash Came Second from China


Kazakh Artist Dimash Came Second from China

Kazakh artist Din Muhammad (Dimash) Kudaybergen, a three-month-long competition The Singer 2017 organized by Hunan TV in China came second in the song contest final. As a result of the jury vote, Sandy Lam of Hong Kong won first place.

The end of the 14 weeks of the song contest “The Singer” took place in Changsha.

In the final live broadcast Dimash, according to the conditions of competition ,he sang a duet with the Chinese singer Shang Węże, interpreting the songs of Michael Jackson “The Way You Make Me Feel”, Song Song Song “,” Billie Jean “and” Dangerous ”

The 22-year-old Kazakh artist, who won 18.47 percent of the vote as a result of the contest, left The Lion, which won 12 percent of the votes in third place, and lost first place by 4.13 one hundred less than the Hong Kong artist Lam.

Kazakh Artist Dimash Kudaybergen

The Singer music contest is the Chinese version of the famous Korean reality show. Unlike THE VOICE show, only professional singers who have won international competitions take part in the profesyonel I Am a Singer ’show.

Under the terms of the competition, an artist leaves the 14-week music event each week and a new participant replaces him. The winner of the contest is the one who collects the most spectators.

The winner of many local competitions, Dimash won the ‘Slavyanski Bazaar’ Grand Prix competition in Vitebsk, Belarus in 2015. In 2016, he was awarded the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s special scholarship with the award of the Founding President of Kazakhstan.

Dimaş performs vocal works in various musical genres in many languages, including Kazakh, Russian, English, French and Spanish.

After this competition, Dimash has achieved an incredible reputation in the international music arena.

Incredible voice as well as outstanding character Dimash now has a very wide fan base: Dears


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