Gemini Horoscope


Gemini Horoscope

Sign of: Air
Planet: MERCUR
Mobile sign, female
Characteristic verb: to think
Lucky day: Wednesday
Positive numbers: 3, 4, 5
Lucky stone: agate

Gemini are adaptable, versatile and extremely curious about the surrounding world.

The ability to communicate and sense of humor are the main weapons of Gemini.

What it likes:
Sparkling conversations, smart people, pens, maps, bookstores, travel, literature, time spent outdoors, stylish sports.

They are not so much interested in acquiring specialized knowledge, but rather they want to get a wide spectrum of information.

Gemini have a native talent for manipulating words and easily discover the cracks in logic. They are the most communicative in the whole zodiac!

Some Gemini prefer to remain childish throughout their lives, refusing to mature and take responsibility for their actions (Peter Pan syndrome).

They can waste their whole life in search of a soul mate, without realizing that the person they are looking for is close to them.

Love and Sex in Gemini

The native of Gemini loves the idea of love more than love itself. For him, the love experience is first of all mental and, eventually, sentimental.

Once in love, he is a pleasant and not very possessive partner. He wants a lively partner who will awaken his intelligence and surprise him.

From a sexual point of view, all the air signs are a bit eccentric. And the Twins are playful, full of curiosity and ready to experiment in the bedroom new things.

The health

The native of the twin zodiac is not easy to care for and treat. He loves to be gifted, cozy and compassionate.

It is prone to neuralgia and to accidents or fractures in the shoulder. The hands are also sensitive in terms of peripheral circulation. It needs longer periods of recovery.

Other than that, you may be suffering from mild respiratory tract disorders, especially of the bronchi and lungs.

The twin in the role of Parent

The native of the Twins as a parent can be absolutely wonderful, first of all because this native has kept his childish side. Gemini’s father is playful, funny and sparkling, and his curiosity is almost nothing more than a child’s.

The most important thing this parent can offer is a model for the little one to keep his curiosity, to be willing to learn. The native of Gemini is at the same time a parent and a teacher.

The child from Gemini

Little Gemini likes to be surrounded by the world and does not want to be left alone.

Even as a child, you will be put to the test with great patience, bombarding yourself with questions to satisfy your curiosity.

Be patient with him because he does not try to annoy you, he is just very curious and, at the same time, very playful.

He is an intelligent, sociable and talkative child, who likes to be in the center of attention.

Gemini child learns and assimilates quickly, but loses interest as quickly as he does for a particular field, focusing his attention on something else. He loves books and reading.

Communicative, friendly and adaptable, the child from Gemini has some flaws, however: he is nervous, capricious, egocentric, he starts a lot of projects, without completing them.

In conclusion: love him affectionately and learn to hear the voice of the heart, not just the reason.


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