Capricorn Horoscope


Capricorn Horoscope

Sign of: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Cardinal sign, feminine
Characteristic verb: to use
Lucky day: Saturday
Favorable figures: 1, 3
Lucky stone: ruby

He is bold in the face of difficulties and accepts his fate quite easily on the principle “whatever it is!”

The symbol of Capricorn is the mountain goat and represents the daring of the natives to climb to the top. The climb from the lowest valley to the highest heights of success is the main feature of this sign.

Capricorns are extremely serious people, they want to build something important in the world, which remains a testimony to their efforts and hard work. They have an iron discipline. He denies today’s pleasures for tomorrow’s achievements.

Most Capricorns are conservative and sincere. They do not want to draw attention to them, but hope to become famous and rich.

They are ambitious people, aiming very high, which is why they are so perfectionists.

Keywords for a Capricorn

  • work, patience, perseverance, responsibility, economy, sincerity

Capricorns are devoted, steadfast friends and partners, ready to take on many of the burdens and problems of their loved ones.

They are disciplined and ambitious, striving to achieve material success. They have a remarkable ability to self-control and to cope, no matter how much weight you encounter.

One of the main difficulties of the natives of this sign is to choose the objective to focus on.

Those born in this sign tend to judge others frequently according to their position in the society or according to the money they earn.

Love and Sex at Capricorn

The natives of Capricorn are affectionately reserved and carefully hide their earthly, sensual side. But when I truly love them, they are trustworthy and very thoughtful partners.

They can enter into a relationship with someone who is the age of their parents or children.

The health
Capricorn is very resistant to illness, physical or intellectual exertion. It has a strong physical constitution and becomes extremely rare. In the face of physical suffering, it closes within itself.

The native Capricorn is prone to thyroid insufficiency, may have problems with the knees, but also with the other joints. May have skin problems: hives, eczema, dermatitis or dermatitis.

Capricorn in the role of Parents

Capricorns will do their best to grow and educate their children very well because they want to be successful in whatever they do.

Parents Capricorn believes it represented in the society of children. If they behave beautifully, dress well and take high notes, it means that Capricorn did his job properly.

They want to raise their children to become responsible citizens, who know how to take care of themselves, who know how to adapt, are managed and abide by the law.

Capricorns have a long-term vision, not spoiling their children today but focusing on modeling the citizen of tomorrow.

Capricorn baby

The little Capricorn is quiet, does not make fuss, does not bother him to stand alone and shows an independent character.

It may seem cold and distant, but in reality it is very emotional and vulnerable, and needs permanent evidence of affection.

It  insightful, logical, endowed with a strong critical sense and always on the defensive. Only through calm and love will you be able to win his trust. He needs a lot of love and affection.

… And especially praise, because he prides himself on a job well done.


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