Cancer Horoscope


Cancer Horoscope

Sign of: Water
Planet: Moon
Cardinal sign, feminine
Characteristic verb: to feel
Lucky day: Monday
Favorable numbers: 2, 8, 9
Lucky stone: pearl

Vulnerability in front of life makes it the specific sign of the defenders and those who feel the need to protect themselves.

Cancer lives in the world of emotions, instincts, visceral reactions and intuition. I feel more than I think. Cancer is the most capricious sign of the zodiac.

What a Cancer likes :
sailing, boats, bargains, collecting, art, mysticism, books, home.

The natives of Cancer draw strength and security from the close emotional ties with the past, their family, their friends, their possessions or their birthplace.

The fact that it defends so dearly to their loved ones is particularly pleasing to the natives of the sentimental signs, but it can be suffocating for those who love freedom.

The crayfish never give up, once it has put something in mind, it goes up to the white cloths.

Their sensitive and gentle nature makes them ideal parents. But he must avoid the tendency to over-protect his loved ones.

For fear of losing their loved ones, they may become manipulative, hoarding and possessive. They have a great need to be sought and will keep others in a dependence on them for the simple reason of escaping loneliness. When threatened, they will often resort to the role of martyrs.

Renowned for their quirky character, they will rarely share with others an object of sentimental value to them.

Love and Sex at Cancer

Cancer is romantic and very sentimental. It keeps memories and memories for every special moment lived with the loved one.

Love is at the center of the concerns of the natives of Cancer, who often dream of romantic stories. Cancer is very successful in sentimental terms, because of those sweet and romantic features so charming.

When he is in love, he is a wonderful partner, who knows how to give his loved ones full attention and tenderness.

Because he cannot give up anything, it is possible that he will stay too long in an inappropriate relationship.

The Health
The Native Cancer prefers to be isolated and cared for alone. It is sensitive and prone to all kinds of allergies.

With an overflowing imagination, the native may have a tendency to be hypochondral, exaggerating his symptoms, and there is danger of doing the disease he fears most.

Being very emotional and sensitive, Cancer is subjected to psychosomatic disorders, especially at the gastric level: stomach acidity, gastritis and various digestive disorders.

Cancer has anemia, thyroid dysfunction, hypothermia and hypotension.

Cancer in the role of Parent

For the Cancer native, caring for others is one of the strongest qualities available to him. It is made for the parent mission. He likes to feed, feed and cares for his children.

However, FatherĀ  may become suffocating. It is possible to convey the message that they are not able to take life in the chest.

As children grow older, it becomes more difficult to detach from them. The independence of the children represents a loss for Cancer. It’s painful when you leave home.

Child Cancer

Ruled by the Moon, the planet of sensitivity and change, the little Cancer manifests from an early age its emotional, affectionate and sensitive nature.

He is a very fearful child, scared of life and very attached to the family where he seeks peace and protection.

A reprimand or a punishment has a particularly negative impact on the little Cancer and can cause concerns to block it.

The intelligence of the littleĀ  is based more on intuition than on logic. If he feels good, safe and loved, he turns out to be active and bright. In times of melancholy and confinement, however, he becomes apathetic and it seems that nothing interests him.


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