Aries Horoscope


Aries Horoscope

Sign: FIRE
Planet: Mars
Cardinal sign: masculine
Characteristic verb: to be
Lucky day: Tuesday
Favorable figures: 5, 8, 9
Lucky stone: the diamond

The character of an Aries

The aries symbolizes the warrior’s advantage to throw himself headlong into a fight.

This sign is temperamental, gets angry quickly, but just as quickly and quietly and forgives – without resentment. You know immediately what relationships you are with those from this sign.

Like all other signs of fire, the Aries remains a child in the depths of the soul.

The Aries is a good friend, sincere, loyal and generous, but does not bear any constraints. Sometimes he allows himself to do the boss, but he does not accept the same thing from his friends.

They are characterized by an innate sense of adventure and are always prepared for unique experiences.

What  likes: to win, to be first, car racing, competitions, adventure.

Main features of the sign

This sign has a powerful code of honor. The intrigues, dishonesty and selfishness amaze and hurt him. As with other signs of fire, they are full of spirit and have a big heart. When someone ignites their imagination, they will become extremely enthusiastic and involve themselves with all their soul.

They can be irritable, taffy and temperamental, but once they reach this threshold, they rarely carry rancidity.

Even when they lose their patience, their endless optimism and enthusiasm prove that they never give up for a long time.

The impulsive side of the Aries can lead him to the position of turning his head forward without being aware of the consequences. He has a high dose of impatience and waiting prevents him from focusing.

Stubborn and without diplomacy it is difficult for them to cooperate or negotiate. They can be dogmatic and diplomacy does not stand in their way.

Love and Sex

The Aries is a Don Juan. It lights up slightly and assiduously courts, but quickly loses interest. Of all the types, it is surely the most spontaneous, most packaged lover.

In his heart bursts an erupting, effervescent energy, which expresses before any free fire or explosion of passion. This being gives itself entirely, reacts totally to the calls of love and fully listens to the beginning of his nature.

The health

Being a sign of spring, it signifies the brain and head of the new cosmic year. It is resistant to prolonged physical exertion and becomes more difficult.

The native of this sign is not bypassed by headaches, migraines, allergies or neuralgia characteristic of the zodiac. His impulsive nature, but also strong emotions can cause stroke and coronary heart, and his almost continuous irritability triggers gastrointestinal and hepato-biliary disorders. Sinusitis, eye problems, cavities may also occur.

The Aries is left hard convinced to treat their diseases, when they notice the danger they mobilize, recovering quickly.

In the role of Parent

They are extraordinary parents. By their nature they are protective and caring.

Usually, Aries parent is firm and authoritarian. But they are also very loving, fair and extremely protective of their children.

They loves to play outdoors with his children. They are generous and sometimes lenient with his children.

Aries baby

Ruled by the planet Mars, the little boy will early demonstrate his incandescent character tendencies.

He constantly needs physical exercise to consume more of the inexhaustible energy that he shows.

At school he is sharp and intelligent, but careless and unruly.

He is a lively, determined, cheerful and confident child. The Aries child rejects any kind of constraint and orders.

Encourage the little altruist and help him to trust others.


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