Aquarius Horoscope


Aquarius Horoscope

Air sign
Planet: Uranus
Fixed sign, masculine
Characteristic verb: to know, to know
Lucky day: Saturday, Wednesday
Favorable figures: 4, 8
Lucky stone: sapphire

He is a thinker, and even one of the most intelligent and brilliant zodiac signs.

The Aquarius experiences intense feelings of brotherhood and friendship. He is an idealist, who always guides himself according to his own moral principles.

Aquarius symbolizes the knowledge reached by intuitive thinking. They are rational and detached. Aquarius constantly thinks and communicates everything that passes through their minds.

This is the most independent of the zodiac signs.

Those born in this sign cultivate an abstract love for all humanity and are more focused on collectivity than on individuality.

The strong point is the inclination towards analysis and logic. They are idealists and they are intensely committed to everything they do. But beware, Aquarius is eccentric.

Wherever there is social injustice on the planet, Aquarius will protest and fight to create a better world!

Aquariums are innate revolutionaries and they look forward to overturning any system that restricts their scope.

They are great lovers of the truth and are concerned about social welfare and human rights.

Aquarius is a sign of Air, and those born in this sign tend to be radicals and iconoclasts hitting everything in the tradition.

They are supporters of change of any kind. The problem that may arise is to replace one rigid system with another.

They live in their minds rather than their bodies, and often fail to notice the signs of exhaustion.

The great paradox of Aquarius zodiac: on the one hand, it embraces the whole of humanity, and on the other hand it tries to overthrow any system of beliefs different from its own.

Love and Sex at Aquarius

Aquarius does not conceive of love as a form of possession, but as a communion of principles and ideals; He will not be a passionate lover, but rather an complicit partner.

Because it is a sign of air with a living intelligence, the first contact with someone is a mental communication.

Aquarius likes to experiment and be friends with everyone. They often have unorthodox arrangements, even in so-called traditional relationships.

The native of Aquarius has a good physical and mental resistance but neuro-psychic suffering manifested through insomnia, depression or obsession may occur.

It does not withstand stress or prolonged efforts, and often needs moments of rest and relaxation to restore its strength.

There are also possible back pain, rheumatism, blood circulation problems. Gastrointestinal problems may also occur in the case of culinary and bachelor excesses.

Aquarius in the role of Parents

The Aquarius parent will raise independent children in the society. It gives his children the need to think freely and to make their own decisions. It will teach its children to be fair, kind and respect people from all walks of life.

One of the strengths of Aquarius parents is that they know how to be their children’s friends. They are not afraid to relate to the little ones from peer to peer.

They are not afraid that they will lose their authority, however they have no real respect for authority.

Aquarius baby

The little Aquarius has a strong and original personality still small, is agitated and full of energy, anarchic and independent, curious and always ready to experiment new adventures.

You must feel that they have a say in the food they eat and in their sleep hours.

Try not to be authoritarian with the little Aquarius, you risk starting a true revolt. Rather, rely on dialogue, set clear trajectories, do not choke him, support him only when he needs to.

He needs to interact with friends and be part of groups and clubs. Ultimately, this will be his lifestyle. You have to take it as soon as possible.

As a rule, Aquarius kids love technology especially loves computers and video games. Give them the opportunity to learn as many things as possible.


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